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«Sea Predators» – is a browser 3D online game for social networks, in our exclusively developed setting called “Ethnopunk”. It describes pagan, occult civilization, mastered the sailing. Ethnopunk is alternative variant of development of mankind with the overall stylization of the Vikings, Indians and Pirates ages. You can take part at session battles or you’re able to research open seas, prey and rob other players.

Huta Hata is a cross-platform rhythm based multiplayer game. Now there are ready versions for Android and PC. People from different platforms can play together.

You must tap HUTA and HATA drums and shake SHAKA tambourine! That's fun and easy, but don't forget to get in rhythm!

One toilet. Nine toilet bowls. And only you can fix the problem. Crap is EVERYWHERE! It comes fast and gets away suddenly. Don't let it escape to freedom! You are alone with your sure weapon - plunger.

Save yourself and your toilet, otherwise - OVERFLOW IS INEVITABLE!

Get it on Google Play

Pokes an arcade online role playing game for mobile devices. Core of the game is turn based dynamic PvP battles. Players have game chips, which are very different. It can be both different objects from real life, like fruits, stones, checkers, eggs, coins and some fantastic.

Pokes doesn't contain blood and violence - just poke and knock out. That considerably expands game audience. Even the child at the age of three years can play it and win adults.

Game will be available in Free and Premium versions.

The core features of the game are:

  • Online interaction with other players all over the world
  • Single mode and joint game from one device
  • Works on iOS, Android and WindowsPhone devices
  • Dynamic battles
  • Huge variety of units - chips
  • Real "feedback" in units interaction
  • No blood and violence
  • Free to play

The game is currently in a development state

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